During the game

When you are in the game, there are special commands available.


Emulators bring a very useful feature : save state. A saved state is a quick save of the game, and allows you to reload the game at this point.

With save states, you will never have to seek for a saved point again !

You can save more than one state per game if you change the save slot.You can save a state with Hotkey + Y You can load a state with Hotkey + X

Special commands

Save States

  • Hotkey + Y → Save State

  • Hotkey + X → Load State

  • Hotkey + Up → Select Save Slot -1

  • Hotkey + Down → Select Save Slot +1


  • Hotkey + Start → End Game and Quit To Main Menu

  • Hotkey + A → Reset Game

  • Hotkey + B → Retroarch Menu

  • Hotkey + L1 → Screenshot

Speed and Rewind

  • Hotkey + Right → Speedup game

  • Hotkey + Left → Rewind (if enabled in options)


  • Hotkey + R2 → Next shader preset

  • Hotkey + L2 → Previous shader preset

In FBA and Mame, press Select to add a credit.

You can access the Retroarch configuration menu with Hotkey + B, If you want to configure retroarch and save the config, you can select the "Save Settings on Exit" in the retroarch menu. After that, all configuration you make in rgui will be saved.