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Welcome to the RecalboxOS Gitbook


This is the user documentation for Recalbox. We hope you will find the answers to your questions.

To get started, here is a presentation of the system and some suggestions.




RecalboxOS is the operating system of the Recalbox project, a ready-to-use emulation console based on the Raspberry Pi.

For more information, please refer to the website http://www.recalbox.com​

RecalboxOS uses several existing tools, such as EmulationStation2 as an interface, piFBA and RetroArch as emulators, Raspberry Pi NOOBS as an installation/recovery system.

RecalboxOS can be described with one word : EASY. We want to provide a system that is as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. No need to modify a large number of configuration files or to connect in SSH. Just install the system and enjoy. The OS configuration is made by a single file, named recalbox.conf. The latter allows a precise configuration of all emulators !



  • ​Supported systems​

  • Compiled with buildroot, which means that the root file system is only 150MB compressed.

  • The backup system is based on NOOBS : possibility to reinstall the system directly from the SD card or obtaining the latest version on the Internet.

  • Wifi support.

  • Online update.

  • Access via the network to roms directories, screenshots and game backups.

  • Configuration of your game controller straight from the interface : once the configuration is completed, it will be compatible with all emulators.

  • Background music on the interface.

  • Integrated support for PS3, Xbox360, 8BitDo and Bluetooth controllers (pair a controller, and play !).

  • Support in French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and maybe more to come if you participate.

  • Interface based on EmulationStation2 developed by Aloshi.

  • Optimized FBA version with 4-player compatibility.

  • Having GPIO drivers to use arcade controls or your original Nes, Snes, Megadrive, PSX controllers.

  • Support for 2-player Xin-Mo controllers.

  • Bookmarks management.

  • ​Miroof's Virtual Gamepad support, use your phone as a controller.

  • Netplay retrogaming (online games)


I'm a total beginner, what should I look for ?


We suggest you to look the page about Installing Recalbox, you might also want to check out the Manual to understand the basics on how the operating system works, if some words are too technical, the Glossary might be of help too.

You might also want to check the recalbox website at https://www.recalbox.com or the forum for additionnal information.


I want to install Recalbox, but which device should I use ?


We have some lists about compatibility, the Board compatibility page describes the various versions of recalbox you can download, along with supported emulators, if you have an actual computer, we recommand seeking the PC Compatibility documentation.

Also, the Peripheral Compatibility page lists some tested peripherals, which might be useful, keep in mind those lists may not be exhausive.


Do you have a specific advice for a newcomer ?


Recalbox is a free project, as such, people work on it on their free time, which means it may have some bugs or may not be as "plug and play" as a full fledge commercial product, so the best advice we can tell is to be curious, read the documentation, and back up things before doing anything you might not be sure about.