Create a custom configuration by emulator
You have the possibility to create your own custom configuration for each emulator on Recalbox.

I - Retroarch

RetroArch configuration can be created by hand by basing your own configuration on the retroarch.cfg standard or by editing it in the RetroArch menu. You will then need to create a new configuration and configure the new recalbox.conf config file so that it is loaded by your emulator
Let's start with the example of creating a specific config file for the neogeo.
    Launch an game from emulator that you want to customize (neogeo inthis c)
    Enter the Retroarch menu (hotkey + b)
    Modify all the configurations as you wish
    Go back to the first RetroArch menu entry, then do Save new config (the name of the config file should look like fba_libretro.cfg, with the name of the core you are using)
    In root access, change the name of the config file to something easier to remember. Example:
    mv /recalbox/share/system/configs/retroarch/fba_libretro.cfg /recalbox/share/system/configs/retroarch/inputs/neogeo_custom.cfg
    Add the following line to recalbox.conf: neogeo.configfile=/recalbox/share/system/configs/retroarch/inputs/neogeo_custom.cfg


Manual editing

Since version 4.1 of Recalbox, you can add configuration files specific to the system and / or the game. There is of course a priority if the same parameter appears in each configuration file. So game> system> Retroarch, which means that an existing setting in a game .cfg file will be the one used on a system or Retroarch's file by default.
Here are the files you can edit (or create if they don't exist):
    ~/configs/retroarch/.cfg where is the name of the system as it appears in the folder. For example: ~/configs/retroarch/snes.cfg
    ~/configs/retroarch//.cfg where is the name of the system as it appears in the roms folder, and is the exact name of the rom with the file extension. For example: ~/configs/retroarch/snes/

II - piFBA

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