How to customize controller mapping

For those who want to change the button mapping of the retroarch's core emulators.

  • Start a game from that emulator

  • In the retroarch menu (hotkey + b), go to "Settings" and then "Input user 1 keys"

  • Reconfigure the keys, remember to have a keyboard available, because while you are remapping the control, it may be unresponsive, in this case, you use the keyboard ("w" and "x" to validate and return)

  • Then go to "Insert Hotkeys" and reconfigure the keys as desired

  • Go back to the first retroarch menu and choose "Save new configuration" (usually the name of the configuration is core_name.cfg, for example catsfc.cfg if you are on snes + catsfc)

  • Connect via ssh to Recalbox, and modify the name of the configuration file to get something more meaningful.

Example for the neogeo emulator:

mv /recalbox/share/system/configs/retroarch/catsfc.cfg /recalbox/share/system/configs/retroarch/inputs/neogeocustom.cfg​

  • Modify the recalbox.conf file by adding the following line to take into account the new configuration:neogeo.configfile=/recalbox/share/system/configs/retroarch/inputs/neogeocustom.cfg


All other settings are the default, so no shader, cheat, or whatever.