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Add games

You just need to copy your roms files into the folder corresponding to the desired console (Example:share/roms/snes for Super Nintendo).

You can use compressed ROMs (.zip, .7z) or uncompressed ROMs, depending of the emulator.


For more information on the formats of roms supported by an emulator, refer to the "Readme" file present in each roms folder.

To update the game list, go to Menu, Interface options and Update gamelist.

Do not hesitate to come and talk about your list of favorite games on the Recalbox forum.



If you want to add arcade games to your recalbox, and / or, to learn how to check your romset, see the tutorials: ClrmamePro Tutorial and MD5SUM​ Tutorial.

You can also activate NeoGeo Unibios to get more options in your games.


Some emulators require a BIOS to emulate games correctly.

  • If you want to add a BIOS to your system, open the BIOS folder shared by Samba or go directly to /recalbox/share/bios/

  • Your "BIOS names" and "CRC" code must match the list in the Web Manager.

To verify the checksum of a BIOS, see the "Tutorial MD5SUM" page


Neo-Geo: It is necessary to add the BIOS inside the rom folder associated with the emulator used: /recalbox/share/roms/neogeo or /recalbox/share/roms/fbneo

Neo-Geo CD: It is necessary to add the BIOS and inside the folder: /recalbox/share/bios


The BIOS name and checksum must be the same as below (for example, must come from the requested romset version):

FBA and FBA Libretro
Mame (Pimame4all)