In-game translation (Retroarch AI)

What is Retroarch AI?

Welcome to the future! RetroArch uses a translation service called "OCR" (Optical Character Recognition) and Speech Synthesis, which will allow you to translate your foreign games almost instantly!

This function requires an internet connection!




Settings :

we have done everything in our power to make this kind of service as simple as possible.

This service requires registration to an API.

Recalbox will use , but other APIs can be configured!

  • Once registered and connected to the site, go to the settings section to retrieve your API KEY

  • Open your file recalbox.conf

    • Search for the line;global.translate.apikey=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE

    • Ersae the character ; then enter your API KEY in place of YOUR_API_KEY_HERE

Recalbox will automatically detect the language of your game and translate it into the language set in the main menu.

Let's Play !

Treat yourself and forget the frustration by launching a 100% Japanese game 😆​

  • To activate the translation, there's nothing simpler pressHOTKEY + Left-Joystick Down , the game is paused and shows you an image with the replacement text.

  • Press the AI ​​Service shortcut key again to resume the game.

By default Recalbox uses image mode rather than text-to-speech. To use the latter, you'll have to do a simple configuration overload!