Test your joystick with jstest

To test your controls, you can use the jstest command, which allows you to list information about your controls.

  • You must first have root access via terminal

  • To find out if your controls have been detected by the system, use the following command:

cat /proc/bus/input/devices
  • After your controllers are detected, a special event is created for each of them in /dev/input, you can see them listing them with this command:

ls /dev/input/js*
  • You can now start a special command to test your control's buttons and axes. For example, to test your first control on the system:

jstest /dev/input/js0
  • You should get the following answer:

Driver version is 2.1.0.
Joystick (Logitech Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2)
has 6 axes (X, Y, Z, Rz, Hat0X, Hat0Y)
and 12 buttons (BtnX, BtnY, BtnZ, BtnTL, BtnTR, BtnTL2, BtnTR2, BtnSelect, BtnStart, BtnMode, BtnThumbL, BtnThumbR).
Testing ... (interrupt to exit)
Axes: 0: 0 1: 0 Buttons: 0:off 1:off 2:off 3:off 4:off 5:off 6:off 7:off 8:off 9:off 10:off 11:off

Now, you can watch the response of all buttons and axes on your controls.