Playstation 1

PlayStation (プレイステーション, Purei Sutēshon) is 5th generation console, created and owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment since December 3, 1994.



Roms folder

Roms extension




.zip, .iso, .bin & .cue, .bin.ecm, .m3u, .img, .pbp










The file SCPH1001.BIN is not include in original recalbox version. Although the games works without, It is suggested to add this file at your BIOS for improve the performances.

Place SCPH1001.BIN file in:



​libretro-pcsx-rearmed is a fork based on pcsx-rearmed. This version was created to improve performance, for Pandora handheld, but is also usable on other devices as the Raspberry Pi.


First of all we will see the different possibilities offered by Recalbox to swap disks.

PSP mode

Package all the disks in a single file eboot.pbp. You can change disc on the Retroarch menu.


  • Controller shortcuts can be used to swap disk.

  • There is a save file for all disks.


  • The .sbi files can not be used in multi-disk games.

  • Can not swap to a patched disk (with LibCrypt protection fix).

  • It takes time to change all multi-disk games to eboot.pbp.


PCSX-reARMed mode

The following disk is searched on the Retroarch menu through file system.


  • Your games are in .bin/.cue format.


  • This does not work currently.

  • It's ugly and slow.

  • Save files are not shared among the disks.

  • Controller shortcuts can't be used to swap disk.

Therefore, games with LibCrypt protection and multi-disk are a pain in this two modes.


Definitive mode

For this mode it is necessary to add the .m3u extension to the PSX part in "/recalbox/share_init/system/.emulationstation/es_systems.cfg" (developers please, add this in the next version, thanks). For this, you can use a virtual machine with Ubuntu (for example) and plug the sd to modify the file. The modified line would look something like this:

<extension>.m3u .img .IMG .pbp .PBP .bin .BIN .cue .CUE .iso .ISO</extension>

Once this is done, you only need to create an .m3u file for each multi-disk game. This file will contain the names of the .cue files. For example:m3u

The final aspect would be this:

psx folder

As you can see, there are .cue/.bin/.sbi per disk and a .m3u per multi-disk game.


  • Your games are in .bin/.cue format.

  • Controller shortcuts can be used to swap disk.

  • The .sbi files can be used.

  • There is a save file for all disks.


  • You have to change es_systems.cfg file (only once).

  • You have to hide the .cue files in Recalbox menu.

Set controller shortcuts for disk swapping

  • In game, go to Retroarch menu (Hotkey+B).

  • Press A to go to Main Menu.

  • Go to Settings > Input > Input Hotkey binds.

  • Set Disk eject toggle, Disk next and Disk prev with your favorite keys.

  • Example: Disk eject toggle (right-analog up), Disk next (right-analog right) and Disk prev (right-analog left).

  • Now in game you can press Hotkey+"key" to eject disk, swap disk and insert disk (and reset game if it's necessary).

Multi-track games

Some games have several tracks per disk. This means that the .cue file need several entries (one per track).

Multi-track .cue example:

Multi track cue

The final aspect would be this:

Multi-track game


What do I do with .ecm and .ape files?

You have to unzip them. See this guide.

How do I enable the Dualshock (analogs)?

In game, go to RetroArch menu (Hotkey+A) and in Quick menu go to Options. There select analog in Pad 1 Type option (the same for every pad you want). If Ape Escape (PAL version) menu doesn't work, check the .sbi file.


  • .ape: compressed file for .wav file.

  • .bin: game data and music tracks.

  • .ccd/.img/.sub: CloneCD files. You have to transform in .cue/.bin (with IsoBuster for example).

  • .cue: file where the disc tracks are defined. One per data .bin.

  • .ecm: compressed file for .bin file.

  • .pbp: PSP file for PSX games.

  • .ppf: patch file for games with LibCrypt protection.

  • .sbi: file that contains the protection information and that are needed to run protected games in emulators. They must have the same name that .cue file.

  • .wav: music track file. You have to rename to .bin.

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