First use

Set up your Recalbox for the first time

First start

  • After the Installation, the first thing you need to do is to connect the recalbox to your TV with the HDMI cable.

  • To power on the recalbox, just plug the micro USB power cable in.

Most of the controllers work in plug-and-play, but if you want to customise an USB controller, plug in a USB keyboard ... Please refer to Add an usb controller​

Change the language in Recalbox

  • In the system selection screen, press START and choose > System settings > Language > Select the desired language then Close

  • Recalbox will then reboot, and the EmulationStation interface will be in the selected language.

Shutting down Recalbox

  • In the system screen press START and choose > Quit > Shutdown System.

  • Wait for green/orange light on PI to stop flashing (to prevent any damage to the MSD card.)

  • Unplug the power cable.

Shortcut : on the system select screen, push SELECT to access directly the QUIT menu.

Default software

Recalbox comes with a few homebrew games for several systems, it would be wise to try them out to see if everything is working as intended before going deeper.