During the game

When you are in game, special commands are available.

To activate these commands, press the Hotkey button and the button indicated for the command at the same time.


By pressing Hotkey + L1 in the emulators, you can take a screenshot.

The .png file is then placed in the “screenshots” folder, accessible from the network.

Don't hesitate to come and share your best scores and your best shots on our forums!


Emulators bring a very useful feature : the save state.

A saved state is a quick save of the game, and allows you to reload the game at the exact location where the save was made.

With this system, there is no need to find a save point or start the games from the beginning ever gain!

You can use so-called "slots" to save multiple "save states" for the same game.

There are 10 "slots" per game and are numbered from 0 to 9.

  • Hotkey + Y → Save (in the current slot)

  • Hotkey + X → Load backup (of the current slot)

  • Hotkey + Up → Select the previous slot (-1)

  • Hotkey + Down → Select the next slot (+1)

Special commands


  • Hotkey + Start → End Game and Quit To Main Menu

  • Hotkey + A → Reset Game

  • Hotkey + B → Retroarch Menu

  • Hotkey + L1 → Screenshot

  • Hotkey + Joy2 down → display FPS

If you want to configure Retroarch (Hotkey + B) and save your configuration, activate the "Save settings on Exit" option in the Retroarch menu. Once this option is activated, all the modifications made in the menu will be saved.

Speed and Rewind

  • Hotkey + Right → Speedup game

  • Hotkey + Left → Rewind (if enabled in options)


  • Hotkey + R2 → Next shader preset

  • Hotkey + L2 → Previous shader preset

Translator (retroarch AI)

  • Hotkey + Joy1 bas → translate the text of the current game

This function requires more info configurations here


In FBA and Mame, press Select to add a credit.