• The PS3 controller is blinking but does not associate

    • Plug a controller on the recalbox and wait 10 seconds. You can now unplug the controller and press the Home button.

  • The PS3 controller seems dead

    • You must reset the controller by pressing a little button behind the controller in a little hole, with a paperclip.


  • Black border, image too big

    • Use your tv remote to find the image menu, and set the image size to 1:1 pixel or full.

      If it doesn't work, try to activate the overscan in the recalbox menu System Settings.

      See [[Overscan settings|Overscan-settings-(EN)]] for more information.

  • Black screen on PC monitor

    • If you have a black screen on PC monitor (hdmi or dvi) edit the config.txt file (MAJ at start) and remove the line hdmi_drive=2

      More info in [[Mini HowTo - Connect your recalbox to a DVI screen|Connect-your-recalbox-to-a-DVI-screen-(EN)]]

Hard reset

  • If you want to reset the system, plug an usb keyboard and press Shift at startup. You can reinstall recalboxOS from here. All your data will be erased.

Root access

  • Use the username root and the password recalboxroot

  • You can connect through ssh to the recalbox.

  • You can access a terminal by quitting emulationstation with F4 and then press ALT+F2.

More info in [[Mini HowTo - Root access on terminal|Root-access-on-terminal-(EN)]]