List of useful utilities

Information :

Before starting the Recalbox adventure, here is a list of utilities that you must have on your Windows PC that will help you.

MacOS users, linux if you have equivalents, edit this page to add them.

microSD formatting utilities

Utility for flashing an image

  • ​WIN32 Disk Imager : allows you to create an image of your microSD

  • Balena ​Etcher : cross-platform tool to flash an .img file on storage devices (micro-SD card/hard disk)

Utilities to decompress your archives

  • ​7zip : perfect to unzip your romset in 7zip.001 7zip.002 format.

Utilities to remotely manage your recalbox under Windows

Utility for checking digital signatures of bios

Arcade management utilities

  • ​BestArcade4Recalbox list (document deleted since) lists the compatibility of arcade romsets for recalboxOS

  • ​ClrmamePro : allows you to check the version of your romsets ; tutorial​

Utilities to manage your roms locally on your PC

  • ​Skraper : Skraper is a tool allowing you to scrape your roms directories. It is based on and is available for Windows and Linux.

  • ​Universal XML Scraper : Universal XML Scraper allows you to scrape your roms directories simply based on the site which is a FR (but also worldwide) (local) database.

  • ​Universal XML Editor - Simply edit your xml files (local)

  • ​Universal ROM Cleaner - Clean your romset in one click (local)

Utilities to manage CD format romsets (iso, img, bin)

For SegaCD, PCengineCD and PSX

Utility to rename the internal name of the rom

​N64 Rom Renamer by Einstein II: To rename the internal name of the rom.