Balena Etcher Tutorial

​BalenaEtcher (this program is very easy to use), you can flash the image file on the desired media (e.g. a microSD card for a Raspberry Pi). Flash operation of an image takes only a few seconds of manipulation.


  • Choose the ISO image to flash :

    • Click on "Select Image" and search for the file you want to flash. The name of the image will appear below the first icon and a small change will change the selection.


  • Connecting a storage media :

    The second icon which is in the form of external storage, lights up.

    • Select a storage media.

    Etcher automatically validates what it detects as a USB device. It is possible to change the destination by pressing the small "change" key. The program indicates the capacity of the device and warns you if the device is too small to accept the image.

Note :

For installation on Hard Disk Drive :

  • Go to Settings (Gear top right icon)

  • Disable the "unsafe mode" function.

  • Return to the Home Menu.

  • Select a Hard Disk Drive

  • Press the "Start or Flash" button to start the procedure. Etcher takes care of everything, formatting, preparing partitions, copying files, etc...

  • The program indicates the work in progress, it also specifies the time needed to complete the process and the data transfer speed.

  • It then validates the image.

  • And finally signals the good - or bad - progress of the procedure. Gives you a key to check the integrity of the archive and offers you to repeat the procedure either with the same image in one click or with a different ISO image.

  • You can eject the storage media.

There are a ton of alternatives to Etcher, especially UNetbootin and Rufus, which work admirably well.