Test your joystick with sdl2-jstest


With Recalbox 4.1 version, we are using SDL2 to configure the control

To test your control, you must:

  • Start a ssh session via putty

  • Then, run the following command: sdl2-jstest

List the number of your joysticks with the following command:

sdl2-jstest --list


Joystick Name: 'Bigben Interactive Bigben Game Pad'
Joystick Path: '/dev/input/event0'
Joystick GUID: 030000006b1400000209000011010000
Joystick Number: 0
Number of Axes: 4
Number of Buttons: 13
Number of Hats: 1
Button code 0: 304
Button code 1: 305
Button code 2: 306

Test your joystick with the following command:

sdl2-jstest -e 0

Where 0 is your controller number detected with the command sdl2-jstest --list

Example with an N64 control clicking here.