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Recommendation for beginners

I want to install Recalbox, which hardware should I use?

We have several lists on hardware compatibility in Documentation :

  • ​Compatible Boards : Lists the different boards on which Recalbox can be installed and their compatibility with supported emulators.

  • ​Compatible PCs : Lists PC configurations compatible with Recalbox.

  • ​Compatible Devices : Lists some useful devices that have been tested and may or may not be compatible with Recalbox.


I'm a beginner, where do I start ?


Do you have any tips for a new user ?

Recalbox is an open source project and so free !

As such, the people who work on it do so on their free time. This means that it may have a few bugs or maybe not as "plug and play" as a full-fledged commercial product.

So the best advice we can give you is to be curious, to read the documentation, the tutorials, the forum and especially to save things before doing any manipulation (the outcome of which would be uncertain for you).

Recalbox Gitbook Sections.

The Recalbox Gitbook is divided into several Sections.


📋 Présentation

Presentation of Recalbox and Gitbook.


🔧 Hardware compatibility


Documents necessary for the user such as the Manual, Configuration Overloads, Hardware Compatibilities, information on Emulators, etc.




🛠️ Emulators


📚 Tutorials

Various tutorials which will not be used by all users but certain documents may help you depending on your hardware or configuration.