Recalbox download and installation

How to install Recalbox

This page is currently thought for a Raspberry Pi, some steps might be different for other systems.

It's possible to install Recalbox on several devices, while the most well-known is the Raspberry Pi (0, 1, 2, 3 and 3B+), Recalbox is also compatible with the Odroid C2 and Odroid XU4, as well as several 32 and 64 bits computers.

We suggest looking the First use manual page to check if you have the required storage device and power supply for the chosen device.


The first step is to download the corresponding .img.xz file on, it's important to note that this link does not give away older Recalbox images.

Flashing the image

By using a program called balenaEtcher, you can flash the image file to the desired drive (a microSD card for exemple), the program is straightforward : you select the image, you select the correct drive, and you flash.

Once the operation is done, you can eject the drive, plug it into the device you want Recalbox to use, and start it up, you should see it booting properly.

Default software

Recalbox comes with a few homebrew games for several systems, it would be wise to try them out to see if everything is working as intended before going deeper.